Starting the Rotifer Project.

Last week, the complete SeaFarmer crew (That’s Maria and I) started up the Rotifer Project at Lincoln, Ontario. The initial batch came all the way form distant California and arrived in fairly good condition after a five days journey.Innoculating rotifers

Under the mic, the little rascals looked very active and healthy. Since the salinity in which the first rotifers arrived match with the one in the system, the acclimation process took very little time; just a couple of hours to balance temperature.

We are following the same protocol that the system’s owner used. We are trying to detect the reason for not reaching a sustainable population. So far, we can exclude a preparation error for the correct they have been using the correct disinfection procedures.

The acclimation process was also the right one. The only thing we should have done different is: instead of inoculating the rotifers directly into the system, we would have started in a small bucket and gradually increase the media volume, as the population would grow.

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