Canadian Rotifers

live feed
canadian rotifers live feed

Here at sea Farmer, “Colleague” and I are running a new project: culturing and commercializing rotifers (Click here if you want to read the story). We called this project “Canadian Rotifers” (very clever, I know) and it’s still in the bootstrapping phase. If you are looking for one of the best ways to feed your saltwater aquarium or nano reef tank, you might be interested in joining us.

Right now, our project is enrolling 15 Beta-Testers who will receive our rotifers FOR FREE in exchange of information. This 15 sea-lovers will interact with us and together we will customize the best way to feed their aquatic pets. They will also be awarded with special discounts and preferred delivery; in other words, they will become family.

If you are curious, interested or scientific oriented, please sign up in the box below, and don’t worry, your information will be not be misused with junk mail or propaganda (Must be 18 or older and must have your own aquarium or tank).  


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