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Brine shrimp

From the economic point of view, the most critical value of the Brine Shrimp comes from the performance of their Cysts within the aquaculture industry, when used as a source of nutrition for sea finfish and shrimp, in their larval stages.

Besides the high content protein and the right essential fatty acids and nutrients, it is still not clear until today why the Cyst of this crustacean is so critical, but the fact is that hatcheries of those two types of species cannot reach profitable levels of production without using Brine Cysts.

Pacific sleeper

Pacific sleeper – The pacific fat sleeper is a very attractive specie to produce due to its great adaptability to extreme conditions and the high interest shown by some ethnical markets.

Self-sustained Organic Production project (SSOP) is very flexible in producing many different fresh water fish species like Nile tilapia, rainbow trout, catfish and many others. Nevertheless, SSOP plans to focus its fish production to the pacific sleeper (dormitator latifrons) and sell it to the international market.