The Backyard Sea Farm project.

Picture this: You’re cooking in the middle of nature, far from any contaminated soil. You just caught your favorite seafood. It’s fresh; in fact, it’s still alive (you can’t go fresher than that!), and you are going to mixed it with fresh herbs you just harvested directly from nature and maybe some wild (also fresh) produce: some lettuce, some sliced tomato and diced cucumber. Then you cook all the ingredients together. Do you think it would taste different? You betcha!

Now suppose you don’t have to become an explorer to taste that kind of food. Suppose you can get the same ingredients by walking into your own backyard. That’s what the Backyard Sea Farm (BSF) project is all about.

Here at Sea-Farmer, we are trying to find the way to produce the healthiest and tastiest food in a very limited space, without using artificial chemicals.

Ah! You mean like those cute little aquaponic systems that you can find all over the place in Pinterest and Instagram?

No, we are not talking about those.

We are all into those plant-fish integrated systems and, as a matter of fact, our technology benefits a bunch from the same science, but there are big differences, especially in what regards to the seafood. It works well if you like to use fresh basil or cilantro. It does an even better job if you grow your own lettuce or tomato and a lot of good and healthy produce. But there is something important missing.

You see, in a typical aquaponic system you don’t eat the fish (unless you have a thing for tilapia). Fish in a common aquaponic system is used as a fertilization engine, and that is good if you are a vegetarian, but what happens when you like shrimp, sea bass, trout, salmon or even eel?

Backyard Sea Farm (BSF) project is about farming delicious and healthy seafood along with your favorite veggies.

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