The Shrimp Project

Here at Sea Farmer, we are very excited about our new innovative project which consists in adapting Clean-Tech to the production of shrimp in Ontario.

We are currently running a proof-of-concept trail at Fleming College (CAWT) producing white shrimp (penaeus vannamei) at a very low salinity and practically eliminating water exchange with the environment. The main purpose of this trial is to test our clean-tech production system performance when adapted to Ontario’s conditions.

The ultimate goal is to produce a healthier shrimp for the community without affecting the surrounding environment. Due to market limitations a high percentage of white shrimp coming to Canada via imports come with high levels of antibiotics and other chemicals not aligned with local expectations, although most Canadians are not aware of these conditions.

Our technology is based on the use of recirculation systems that reduce the use of water to the minimum, as well as on the use of probiotics and intelligent microorganisms to regulate the production environment. We don’t use antibiotics, pesticides or any kind of harmful chemical. This type of bacteria forces us to work with very low salinity, but this could be a plus considering that Ontario’s access to salty water is very limited. We have been forced to work with close-to-zero salinity before and we feel capable to handle it.

The partial results of the trial have shown very positive projections. Final results of the experiment will be available early next month. The next step is to build a scalable prototype to produce and commercialize shrimp using our adapted Clean-Tech.

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