Here we go.

We have been playing around with the idea for four months or so, considering various investment alternatives, back and forth. Now, we came to a decision. Today, August 28, 2018, Maria and I decided to go all the way and put our coin on starting a small new business.

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Now that we know what we want, what comes next?

Maria and I have plenty experience working in the biotechnology field, but we consider ourselves more of the technical kind. We also have experience in administrating a business; we did that in Ecuador, South America, for many years, but this is different.

We realize that starting a business from scratch is a kind of its own, and we are experienced enough to know that trying to invent the wheel is never a good idea. We will try to talk to people and ask about the nuts and bolts of this entrepreneurial thing.

And we will research a lot, as usual.

Have you seen the amount of information about small business available online? It’s huge. It´s kind of hard to even choose what to read or not. Oh well, It´s a good thing we are all enthusiastic about the idea, as all beginnings are, because we are going to use a lot of good vibes.

Good thing we love to research too.

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